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How can I book appointment?
How soon will my appointment be confirmed?
We try our best to provide you confirmation as soon as possible. Rarely there can be some delays either due to emergencies at our end or in case your contact details are not accurate. You can always call us at
Can I bring my friends or family members with me?
Yes. They are most welcome. However, we would recommend that you restrict the number to only those people who you consider are essential part of your care team.
What do I do if I miss my appointment?
You can always book a fresh appointment in case you miss it. We also recommend that you inform us well in advance in case you know that you won
How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?
To cancel or reschedule your appointment call us at
How long will my consultation last?
Consultation time depends on various aspects. For e.g. depending on your case, a doctor may do your thorough examination and ask you questions regarding your complains, take your medical history etc. Then based on diagnosis some tests or imaging studies may become necessary.
Do I have to bring my medical records for consultation?
We recommend that you bring them as it helps your doctor in comprehensive evaluation of your condition, better diagnosis and treatment.
Do I need a doctor's referral to get appointment?
Not necessary.
How much will my consultation cost?
Consultation fee varies by doctors and may be different for new patients and existing patients. To know current consultation charges please call us or send us an enquiry. Send Enquiry  
Do you accept online payment?
Do you offer cashless facility?
Yes. Depending upon your insurance provider, you may be able to avail cashless facility.
How do I know if my insurance is accepted at your clinic?
To know if your insurance is accepted or not, please talk to our staff.
How can you assist us in making an insurance claim?
Our staff will assist you as much as we can to make your claim process smoother and faster.
Who can I contact for queries in my bill?
Contact our staff in case you have any queries in your bill.
What facilities are available to OPD patients?
We offer many facilities to patients who visit us for consultation. Click to know more about our outpatient facilities & services Facilities & Services  
What facilities are available to IPD patients?
We offer many facilities to patients who visit us. Click to know more about our inpatient facilities & services Inpatient Facilities  
What facilities are available for family members?
We ensure that your facility member accompanying you are taken care of. Visit our facilities & services section to know more.
Are there any special packages?
Yes. We do create packages time to time that offer you more benefits and value. Send us an enquiry to know more about our special packages Send Enquiry  
What treatments do you offer?
Being a multi-speciality hospital, we do offer variery of treatments across specialities. Send us your question to know more. Ask Question  
What procedures do you perform?
We perform various procedures. To know more, give us a call.
How will my treatment plan be decided?
Your treatment plan will be decided by your doctor after adequately diagnosing your condition.
Do you provide referral if required?
Do you provide second opinion?
What are the specializations available at your clinic?
Being a multi-speciality hospital we have various specializations. Visit our team profiles to know more about our doctors ad their specialities. Specializations  
What diseases or conditions do you treat?
We diagnose and treat many diseases and ailments in the area of our specialization. Should you want to know more about any particular disease or condition, send us an enquiry. Send Enquiry  
How will my condition be diagnosed?
Generally, diagnosis of any medical condition is based on taking into consideration variety of aspects systematically. e.g. medical history, family history, clinical symptoms, signs, investigations etc.
How do I learn more about my disease?
We try our level best to make comprehensive health information available to you from time to time. You can visit our health information section to learn more about the same. Should you not find what you are looking for, you can send us your question to us. Health Information  
Where can I do laboratory testing?
We recommend you get your lab tests done at a quality laboratory. If you need our assistance in choosing a lab, talk to our staff and they will help you out.
Where can I get my imaging work done?
In case you have been ordered X-ray, MRI, CT scan studies etc, we recommend you get it done at a quality and reputed imaging center. If you need our assistance in choosing a diagnostic center, talk to our staff and they will help you out.
Is home collection of sample possible?
Depending upon where you stay and which lab you want to order your tests from, home pick of sample may be an option for you. Talk to our staff or lab to know if this is an option for you.
Where can I buy my medicines?
You can buy it from any pharmacy of your choice.
Where can I get information on my medicines?
We try our level best to make comprehensive health information available to you from time to time. You can visit our health information section to learn more about the same.
What are clinic timings?
Click below to know our timings. Timings  
Are visitors allowed?
Yes. We do allow visitors to accompany the patients. However, there may be some restrictions on the time-slots during which visitors may be able to meet the patients. Talk to our staff to know about our visitor policies.
Can I stay with my patient?
Yes. Depending upon our policies and rooms availed by the patient, family member may be able to stay with the patient.
Can I travel with my family?
Do you offer visa and travel services?
Whom should I contact for planning my visit?
Contact us with your details and we will be able to assist you further. Send Enquiry  
Do you accept referrals?
Would you offer video consultation for my patients?
Yes. We offer telemedicine services to eligible patients and also to doctors.
Do you conduct patient education programs?
Do you offer teaching programs for doctors?
Do you carry our research?
Do you offer telemedicine services?
Yes. We offer video and audio based teleconsultations. However, we do not offer teleconsultation in emergency situations as immediate in-person attention is required in such situations. To know if you are eligible for a teleconsultation, send us enquiry or talk to your doctor. Send Enquiry  
How can I get a covid vaccine?
It's good that you are thinking to take a covid vaccine. However, you need to know if you are eligible to receive it and then follow the steps required to book your appointment to receive the jab. We have out up a nice article on this topic and you may want to have a looked at it for next steps. Stay healthy, stay safe!  COVID Jab  
How to book Appointment with Sharada Clinic?
You can book an appointment by calling on the clinic numbers - 8888813300 / 021-64222440 Book appointment  
Are all the Doctors available round-the-clock?
No, the doctors are available as per pre-determined consultation hours. The relevant information can be checked from https://www.sharadaclinic.com/sharadaclinic or our Call us on 8888813300. Send Enquiry  
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